Car Tire Chains

When the snow starts to fly and the roads become icy and dangerous, are you prepared with a set of car tire chains? To get to your destination safely, you may need traction devices. Car tire chains are a safe, economical, and easy solution to your driving needs. Many states enforce laws requiring not only that chains be used when conditions warrant, but that you are actually carrying proper chains in your vehicle at all times.



Rim Size:
Tire Type:Car
Format example:
P225/75R14 : Size 1 = 225, Size 2 = 75 and Rim size = 14

Be Prepared To Install Your Car Snow Chains

It is not enough to just carry the chains around, you also need to know how to install them. It is a good idea to practice tire chain installation a few times, in good weather and safe conditions, before the weather turns nasty and you find yourself on the side of the road. While installing tire chains in the middle of a snowstorm may not be a pleasant experience, if you are familiar with your chains, it can be a quick and painless one. And of course, before you venture out into inclement weather, make sure you are familiar with your state’s Tire Chain Laws.

If you need information about choosing and installing snow chains then visit Choosing and Installing Snow Chains.

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