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Twist Link Tire Chains

Twist link chain feature links with a slight twist.  These chains are the most common and used link style chain.  Twist link chains are available in multiple gauges to cover most vehicle applications.

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Twist Link Pros and Cons

Benefits of Use

The twist links on these chains provide a smoother ride while providing effective traction. These chains are available in a variety of gauges and materials to cover most applications from passenger to large grader and tractor.


Downsides of Use

Carbon steel twist link chains should not be used in heavy duty situations where high torque and wheel spin may occur like on a tow or plow truck. This style of twist link may break apart under these conditions. For high stress situations, it is suggest that an alloy twist link chain be used which is more expensive. Twist links do not clean out as well when exposed to mud and other non-snow elements.


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