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H-Pattern Tire Chains

H-pattern chains are designed with a cross link pattern that creates an “H” shape on the tread surface.  These chains are available with a variety of link options that allow the user to select the best chains for their specific application.

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H-Pattern Pros and Cons

Benefits of Use

H-pattern chains are very effective when used on deep tread tires like the R1 tread. The H-pattern keeps more of the cross chain on top of the tread surface, not allowing the chains to drop between the deep lugs. This style of chain also puts more chain on the ground surface providing more traction and grip on extreme and uneven surfaces.


Downsides of Use

On some units like skid loaders, H-pattern chains lack the flexibility to handle the side to side movement. The side to side movement can pull the cross chain hooks away from the side chains. For any skid loader, skid steer, or lifting equipment where side to side movement is performed, a ladder chain is the better option to use.


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