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Offering the widest selection of tire chains, sourced from leading brands such as Rud, Wallingford, Quality, Pewag, and Bulletpruf. Whether itís for a passenger or industrial vehicle, if you are looking to put snow chains on tires, then we have the products for you. The time to purchase is before the bad weather hits, so plan ahead and order your set today. Call our number for expert advice on which tire chains are right for your situation.

Note: All snow chains are sold in pairs!

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Questions About Tire Chains

We don't usually think about tire chains until the icy winter weather starts, and so itís easy to wonder why they are even necessary. There are, however, several compelling reasons why you should invest in a set of snow chains sooner rather than later:

  • Laws: During inclement weather some roads in the US are restricted only to traffic that has chains on their tires. Some states have laws requiring truckers to carry chains at specific times of the year, especially in areas where the roads pass through certain high altitudes. Do you know your state's chain laws? Our tire chain laws page has basic state law information.
  • Safety: Each year, on average, over half a million traffic accidents in the US are caused by snow, ice and/or sleet, resulting in 146,000 injuries and almost 2000 fatalities. (source: https://www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov ) It is better to be safe than sorry and end up a statistic because you are 'not traveling far', or 'the weather isnít that bad'.
  • Productivity: Life has to continue even when it snows. Do you need chains in order to get to work? Do you need chains in order to actually do your work? Whether itís simply clearing your driveway to get to work on time, or hauling a major load cross-country, putting chains on tires will help you get the job done.

You can determine which size of tire chains or snow chains you need by looking at the sidewall of your tire. Every tire, no matter the vehicle, should be marked with the height, width, and diameter.

We offer instructional videos and guides to help you install your snow chains. Visit our "How to Install" page for more information. We also offer over the phone assistance with anything, including help with the installation process. Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-866-437-5883.

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Search through our catalog for tire chains and additional items. The catalog provides descriptive tables that explain what chains your tires need and types of accessories you may need for applying or repairing snow tire chains. All the information you need for reliable, safety precautions are a click away.

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When you need extra traction in the snow, mud, or ice, you need the highest quality snow chains available. You can count on Tire Chains R Us to provide you with the top quality brands, at competitive prices. Please call our knowledgeable sales staff with any questions or concerns.