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Tire socks, also known as snow socks are a traction device that features and heavy duty fabric embedded with a traction –enhancing fiber pattern.  These unique fiber patterns grab the surface aiding in less wheel spin and more traction.

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Sock Pros and Cons

Benefits of Tire Socks

Compared to link chains and cables, tire socks are much lighter and easier to install and store. They can be installed quickly and contain no metal in their construction that may damage the vehicle or road surfaces. Tire socks are the perfect choice for vehicles with minimal clearances and for occasional traction assistance.


Downsides of Tire Socks

Tire socks are less durable compared to link chains or cables and may need to be replaced more frequently. They are less effective in extreme ice and snow conditions. Link chains and cables may be a better alternative to socks in vehicle clearances allow for the more extreme winter conditions.


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