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Link Tire Chains

Link tire chains are made of carbon or alloy steel.  Link chains wrap around the tire from sidewall across the tread face to the opposite sidewall.  These chains are secured in place with special hook fasteners on the side chains and adjusters on the outside of the tire.  Link chains are the typical product when thinking about tire chains or snow chains.

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Link Chain Pros and Cons

Benefits of Link Chains

Link chains are more durable and effective when compared to cables and tire socks. These chains provide effective traction in most snow and icy conditions. There are many different styles of link chains so you can maximize your traction based on the different terrains you will be driving in. Link chains are available for almost any vehicle.


Downside of Link Chains

Link chains are the heaviest option between links, socks, and cables. These chains have less clearance then cables and socks and cannot be used on some vehicles. Link chains can cause damage to roads and driveways when not used properly.


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