Industrial Equipment & Skid Steer Tire Chains

Skid Steer Loader tire chains are sold in pairs (2 chains) and will cover two tires.

When the winter weather hits, the same questions always come up about skid steer chains: Do we need to put chains on? Won't the chains break due to the twisting motion? What tires should I put them on?

Whether you are using your skid steer to clear snow from a parking lot, carrying materials on a job site or moving debris out in the wilds, a set of chains on your tires can offer vastly superior traction. Without question, chains WILL make a difference in getting the job done effectively and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Alloy Skid Steer Tire Chains

Due to the constant twisting and turning motion of the vehicle, skid steer snow chains need to be tougher than car or truck chains. Our alloy steel tire chains have been treated to be much harder and more wear-resistant. It is a much tougher material than the hardened carbon steel tire chains we also offer here as an option.

Like all chains, however, it is important that they are fitted and used correctly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Firstly, they are not designed to be used on bare concrete. Even a hardened alloy will wear quicker when used in such a way. Secondly, make sure the chains are properly tightened and are not hanging loosely on the tire, as this will cause them to break more easily and wear out much faster. If used correctly, they will last a long time under normal use. Check out our video tab to see proper snow chain installation on a skid steer tire. It is always a good idea to practice installation before chains are needed, to check for proper fitment.

Which tires you install your skid steer chains on depends on the purpose you are using it for. If you are pushing snow, meaning the main weight will be on the back, we suggest you put the chains on your back tires. If you will be lifting and carrying heavy loads, causing the weight to mainly be on the front tires, then it is best to install the chains on the front. In an ideal world, however, we recommend chains be installed on both front and rear sets of tires for extra traction and security.

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