Garden Tractor Tire Chains

When you have work that has to get done regardless of the snow, you need quality tire chains for your lawn tractor to get the job done. Your lawn mower will perform much better on snow & ice when it is fitted with garden tractor tire chains. Our garden tractor tire chains are constructed of durable hardened steel and made to last.



Rim Size:
Tire Type:Garden Tractor
Format example:
P225/75R14 : Size 1 = 225, Size 2 = 75 and Rim size = 14

Varieties of Garden Tractor Tire Chains

We offer two types of garden tractor tire chains: 2-Link Spacing and 4-Link Spacing. The difference between the two lies in the amount of space between each cross chain.

On the 2-link chain, every other chain link has a cross chain, meaning there is one link between each cross chain. The benefit of this type of chain is that there is more chain in contact with the ground, which increases traction and makes your ride more comfortable. They will provide superior traction in nearly all conditions.

4-link chains provide traction in snowy or icy conditions, with quick and easy installation. These durable chains are made from the same hardened steel as the 2-link variety, with wider spacing between each cross chain.

Both the 2-link and 4-link varieties are sold as a pair, they will cover two tires. Care must be taken to avoid spinning the wheels. This may cause marks or damage the surface and shorten the life of your chains.

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If you need information about choosing and installing snow chains then visit Choosing and Installing Snow Chains.

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