Best Truck Tire Chains for 2020

With so many choices of chains, we understand it can be difficult to find the best style, type, or design for your situation. That's why we've put together a list of some of the best tire chains for light trucks and SUVs. This list was compiled utilizing the trends we've seen from our site as well as recommendations from industry experts. We tried our best to diversify the list so there's something for everyone.

3Volt LT - Alloy Cable Chains

Most Affordable Option

The reason we recommend these cable chains is because of how easy to install and carry around they are compared to many link chains, while still providing you good traction on icy or snowy highways.

When compared to traditional ladder style cables, their V-pattern design and tough alloy roller material give them better traction and longer wear at a similar price point. You’ll love the diagonal cross design as it gives you a smooth ride, without losing out on traction.

  • Made for Light Trucks and SUVs
  • Includes Rubber Adjusters
  • Excellent on Low Budget
  • Easy Installation
  • Snow or Ice Covered Highway Use Only
  • Not for Use on Trailers

24x4 Grip - Diamond Back - Link Chains

Best Value Chains

We like these chains for their ability to give maximum traction on 4x4 trucks while also providing you great traction on two-wheel applications. This is due to their diamond pattern and cross-chain design, giving you a smooth ride and improved traction. On top of that, their quick and easy installation process makes them a great choice for most truck owners.

You can find them for rim sizes from 14 to 22. Keep in mind that you’ll either receive the 4x4 grip or diamondback chains, depending on desired application.

  • Great for Trucks & SUVs
  • Link Chain
  • Alloy Chain
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Meets SAE Class S Requirements

1V bar - Cam Style - Link Chains

Most Popular Option

These reinforced V-bar tire chains offer twice the wear of those without the v-bar. They’re recommended for off-road conditions, such as ice, snow, and mud. This is due to their reinforced cross members providing superior traction to other designs.

You can find them for rim sizes from 14 to 24.5. We recommend ordering tire chains adjusters along with these chains.

  • Used on light trucks and trailers
  • Link Chain
  • Reinforced V-bar
  • Cam Style
  • Great choice for off-road conditions
  • Manufactured to current NACM specs

*Diamond Back - 5.5mm Square Link Alloy

Honorable Mention

These link chains were designed for a variety of vehicles, making them an extremely flexible and reusable purchase. Their diamond pattern design keeps more chain between the ground and the tire for more traction and a smooth, quieter ride. The pull chain tightening system allows for easy installation, regardless of previous experience.

These chains are slightly more expensive due to their maximum tire coverage, providing excellent traction. You can find them for rim sizes 15 to 24.

  • For Light Trucks, RVs, Vans, & Delivery Vehicles
  • Each Pair Includes Tighteners
  • Easy Installation
  • Snow or Ice Covered Highway Use Only
  • Not for Use on Trailers