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is your online resource for the widest selection of snow chains available from Rud, Wallingford, Pewag, Bulletpruf, and other leading brands. We carry the most popular brands of tire chains for your car, tractor, truck, garden tractor and more.

Why Do I Need Tire Chains?

You may wonder if tire chains are really necessary, or if you can just get by without them. You have to take several things into consideration when deciding whether you need tire chains.
  • Laws: Does your state require tire chains during a certain time of the year? During inclement weather, certain roads in the U.S. are restricted and only drivers using snow chains are permitted to pass. Learn more about the laws in your state in our Tire Chain Laws article.
  • Safety: Are you driving in a place where the snow, ice, or rain can get severe? If so, utilize the motto "better safe than sorry" and get some chains to keep in your vehicle for emergencies.
  • Productivity: Does your life come to a halt just because it snows? Most of the time, the answer is no. This means that whether you're clearing snow from the driveway to get to work on time, or driving your forklift on a worksite, you need tire chains to get the job done quickly. We carry tire chains for your car, truck, forklift, garden tractor, snow blower, tractor, and more so the snow doesn't slow you down.

If you need information about choosing and installing snow chains then visit our snow chains page

When you need extra traction in the snow, mud, or ice, you need the highest quality snow chains available. You can count on Tire Chains R Us to provide you with the most popular tire chain brands, at competitive prices. Please call our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-866-437-5883, and we'd be glad to answer all of your questions!