Grader Trygg SMT Combo Alloy Tire Chains

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  • trygg smt combo pattern grader tire chains

    grader tire chains studded closeup

    Trygg SMT Combo pattern Studded Alloy Grader Tire chains are sold in pairs (2 chains) and will cover two tires.

    One of the most popular chains used for heavy operations. High grade nickel/boron manganese alloy for long life and durability. Studdded pattern chain intended for snow removal and forestry applications. The interlocking links keep the stud orientation straight up maximizing traction, while minimizing tire and chain wear. The continuous pattern gives even traction and a smooth ride. Sold in Pairs. Made in Norway.

    • Oversized studs increase grip and last longer.
    • SMT Combo pattern holds the chain on top of the lugs, keeping the studs in constant contact with the terrain.
    • Great for snow clearing, forestry, and construction vehicle applications.

    When people rely on you to remove snow and ice from highways, parking lots and sidewalks, you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently. Heavy-duty loader and grader tire chains can help you achieve that.

    If you have any questions or would like some help selecting the right chain for your needs, please call our knowledgeable staff at 866-437-5883

    Rim Size SKU Diam. Price Qty (Sold as a pair)
     25   17.5-25  TR606552   13mm  $3,740.22
     25   18.00-25  TR608965-3CR   16mm  $4,158.22
     25L5   18.00-25L5  TR608968-4CR   16mm  $4,861.22
     25   20.5-25  TR608965-1CR   16mm  $4,158.22
     25   23.5-25  TR608968-5CR   16mm  $4,861.22
     25   26.5-25  TR608969-2CR   16mm  $4,971.22
     25L5   26.5-25L5  TR608969-3CR   16mm  $4,971.22
     25   29.5-25  TR608969-1CR   16mm  $4,971.22
     26   23.1-26  TR608965   16mm  $4,158.22
     26   28L-26  TR608968-1CR   16mm  $4,861.22
     30   16.9-30  TR606552-1CR   13mm  $3,740.22
     32   24.5-32  TR608968   16mm  $4,861.22
     32   30.5-32  TR608969   16mm  $4,971.22
     34   18.4-34  TR608965-2CR   16mm  $4,158.22
     34   23.1-34  TR608968-2CR   16mm  $4,861.22
     38   20.8-38  TR608968-3CR   16mm  $4,861.22