Tire Chains FAQ

What are tire chains?

Sounds like an obvious question but its one we get asked. Tire chains are lengths of either cable or chain links that fit around a vehicle's tire to give it extra traction when driving through snow and ice. Sometimes tensioners are used to keep the chains firmly on the tires, these usually take the form of star shaped rubber bungy style, or some chains come with tightening cams on the chains themselves that pull the chain tight once on the tire.

What are my state's tire chain laws?

You can find basic information about your state's laws for tire chain use here: State Tire Chain Laws

Can you give me advice on how to put on tire chains?

Our install page here: Installing Tire Chains gives advice and tips on how to install your chains, and most of our chain pages have an instructional how-to video at the bottom of the page as well, but if you cant see what you need then visit our youtube channel page for more instructional videos.

What size tire chains do i need?

Our helpful guide on our install page here: How to size chains gives you instructions on how to find the right chain to fit your tire. If you are looking for a chain to fit your ATV then contact us at (866) 437-5883. Because of the wide range of styles and sizes of ATV tires it is best you talk to one of our experts to ensure you are getting the right chain that will fit your tire and not fall between the lugs or sit too loose on the tire.

What advice can you give for driving in snow?

See our page here: Driving in the snow for information about how to drive safer in snow and ice.

Where to buy snow chains

We ship internationally to most places, and shipping in the US is free, but if you are in the vicinity of Cedar Rapids, Iowa you can come by and purchase from our warehouse based at Cedar Rapids Tire.

How much are snow chains?

That pretty much depends on the vehicle you are driving and the style of chain you are looking for. Cable based chains are usually cheaper than the heavier, and as a result stronger, linked chains. Chains designed for use on cars are also far cheaper than the large bulky chains used for tractors, graders and other similar sized vehicles.