Semi Truck V-Bar Single Tire Chains

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    Reinforced V-Bar truck chains provide an excellent choice for off-road conditions. The reinforced cross members provide superior traction in mud, deep snow and ice. V-Bar reinforced semi snow chains are manufactured to current NACM specifications.

    Sold as a pair.

    Rim Size SKU Price Qty (Sold as a pair)
     14   235/70R14  2829CAM  $92.18
     22.5   285/75-22.5  2847CAM  $146.18
     22.5   295/75R22.5  2847CAM-1CR  $146.18
     24.5   275/80R24.5  2847CAM-2CR  $146.18
     24.5   285/75R24.5  2847CAM-3CR  $146.18