Semi Truck Highway Single Tire Chains

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    Highway Service Single Semi Truck Tire Chains are sold in pairs (2 chains) and will cover two tires.

    Highway Service chains have a standard ladder style cross chain design and are built to current NACM specifications.

    All steel construction and case hardened cross chains provide excellent durability.

    Rim Size SKU Price Qty (Sold as a pair)
     18   255/70-18  2228CAM-16CR  $67.18
     22.5   285/75-22.5  2247CAM  $139.18
     22.5   295/75R22.5  2247CAM-1CR  $139.18
     24.5   275/80R24.5  2247CAM-2CR  $139.18
     24.5   285/75R24.5  2247CAM-3CR  $139.18