Olympia Sprint Car Tire Chains

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  • Olympia Sprint car tire chains

    Car Olympia Sprint tire chains are sold in pairs (2 chains) and will cover two tires.

    Olympia Sprints tire chains are a commercial-grade chain and come in a wide variety of sizes. They are made from German forged steel with assembly done in China. The bag has the Erlau name on it which is a subsidiary of RUD Chain. The link size varies depending on the model number and ranges from 4.5mm for the smaller tires and up to 7mm for the largest sizes.

    To install these chains, drape them over the tire as centered as possible. Back up the tire 1/4 turn. Connect the ends. Secure the tensioning chain with the L-Bar. Weave the excess of the tensioning chain in and around the other sections of the tensioning chain and secure it to a link somewhere that would result in more tension.

    Looking for Olympia Sprint Truck Tire Chains?

    Rim Size SKU Price Qty (Sold as a pair)
     14   175/75R14  118  $82.39
     14   175/80R14  118-1CR  $82.39
     14   185/75R14  118-2CR  $82.39
     14   185/80R14  119  $82.77
     14   195/70R14  119-1CR  $82.77
     14   195/75R14  119-2CR  $82.77
     14   205/70R14  122  $92.64
     14   205/75R14  122-1CR  $92.64
     15   175/70R15  118-3CR  $82.39
     15   185/70R15  119-3CR  $82.77
     15   195/70R15  122-2CR  $92.64
     15   195/75R15  122-3CR  $92.64
     15   205/65R15  122-4CR  $92.64
     16   175/75R16  119-4CR  $82.77
     16   185/75R16  122-5CR  $92.64
     16   195/65R16  122-6CR  $92.64