Forestry Skidder Nordic Tight Ring Alloy

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  • Skidder Nordic Tight Ring Alloy Forestry Tire Chains are sold in pairs (2 chains) and will cover two tires.

    Studded links on the net style chains for extreme traction in the most adverse off-road applications Large forged lugs on rings. Alloy steel constructed links for longer wear. Sold in pairs.

    Nordic Skidder Forestry Tight Ring Alloy Tire Chains

    If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at 866-437-5883 and we would be more than happy to assist you. All tire chains are sold in pairs. We offer free shipping for US orders over $75, and all orders placed before 3 pm CST are shipped the same day!
    Rim Size SKU Diam. Price Qty
     26   23.1-26  NTR231-16   16mm  $3,947.22
     26   28L-26  NTR245-18-1CR   18mm  $4,496.22
     32   24.5-32  NTR245-18   18mm  $4,496.22
     32   30.5-32  NTR305-18   18mm  $4,642.22
     32   30.5-32  NTR305-25   25mm  $5,872.22
     32   35.5-32  NTR355-25   25mm  $6,390.22
     32   73/44.00-32  NTR730-25   25mm  $6,154.22