Shoe Chains

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  • Bergsteiger Shoe Chains

    Size SKU Price Qty  
     Bergsteiger - Men's 3 - 5 Women's 1 - 6   55921  $34.35
     Bergsteiger - Men's 5 1/2 - 9 Women's 7 - 11  55922  $34.35
     Bergsteiger - Men's 9 1/2 - 12 Women's 12 - 15  55923  $34.35
     Bergsteiger - Men's 13 - 15 Women's 16+  55924  $34.35
     Quick Step - One Size Fits All  2400536  $21.02

    Bergsteiger Shoe Chains

    Our snow shoe chains will give you the traction and grip you need to feel secure walking through slippery conditions.

    When the temperatures drop and the snow flies, you make sure your vehicle is equipped with tire chains to handle the harshest of conditions. But what about your shoes or boots? Just like the tires on your vehicle, your shoes need traction in the snow as well. And just like the tire snow chains we sell, our shoe chains are made from exceptional-quality materials to provide you with the grip and traction you expect. You buy snow chains for your vehicle to ensure your safety in severe weather. But walking on the snow and ice can be dangerous as well. In order to ensure safety and peace of mind when walking through snowy or icy conditions, youíll want to have a set of shoe chains on hand.

    Shoe chains are small and lightweight enough to carry with you in your vehicle at all times, but sturdy enough to provide you with traction and durability in tough conditions. The best part about shoe chains is how easy they are to apply to your shoes. Simply center the chains over the toe of your shoe or boot, and stretch out to hook to the heel.

    Quick Step Shoe Chains

    These high grade steel shoe chains are compact, comfortable and easy to fit. The carry bag will fit in any pocket. One size fits all.

    Who Needs Shoe Chains?

    The easy answer is anyone that needs some way to help their shoe grip hazardous wintery surfaces. If youíre planning to be outdoors in snowy or slippery conditions, shoe chains are for you. This includes outdoor workers, rescue personnel, farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, active seniors, and anyone who wonít let snowy or icy conditions keep them indoors in the winter.

    Having shoe chains decreases the chances of slips & falls in the snow or ice so donít let slippery surfaces slow you down in the winter. Shoe chains make a great gift, and are affordable enough to buy a set for everyone you know! And, if you have a favorite pair of shoes youíd like to wear, but they donít have enough traction for the snow or ice, donít worry about changing into boots. Just put on a set of shoe chains and youíre on your way! Even if you are wearing snow boots, adding shoe chains will give you extra traction in slick conditions.

    Shoe chains come in a variety of sizes, so theyíre sure to fit your shoes or boots perfectly. And since they are made with a specially-formulated rubber to retain elasticity even in the coldest of temperatures, you can be sure your shoe chains will fit properly whenever you need them.

    If you have any questions about shoe chains, feel free to call our friendly experts at 866-437-5883. As with all of our products, shipping is FREE for shoe chains, and most orders ship the same day! Whether itís tire chains or shoe chains, is your source for traction devices.